3 Qualities Every Leader Should Develop through Leadership Development

leadership development, business coaching canada, focalpoint business coachingThere’s a difference between being a manager and a leader. While managers live in the trenches and monitor the day-to-day of their subordinates’ work, leaders focus more on vision, direction, and support. Both play an important role in the business world, but thriving organizations have leaders at the helm. Leadership development coaching and training helps business owners and top executives hone those skills and cultivate the qualities that drive success. Across all industries and business models, powerful leaders share three important qualities.


Effective leaders let their curiosity lead the way towards understanding circumstances fully and communicating efficiently. Being driven by this passion for knowledge (instead of the desire to be right) empowers true leaders to leave their egos at the door and make better decisions on behalf of their organization, its employees and its key external audiences.

While it may seem elementary, leadership development begins with working on your listening and inquiry skills. By nurturing the company-wide belief that each voice will be valued and heard, you naturally open the lines of communication within your company, so all the best ideas are shared, evaluated and incorporated into your strategy when they’re the right fit.


There’s one thing that’s guaranteed in business: things will go wrong. No matter how effective your strategy or how talented your team, there are uncontrollable variables in every industry. In his best-selling book, Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success, Brian Tracy explains:

Your journey toward your destination will consist of a series of problems, reversals, and temporary failures. They are an unavoidable part of life. No success is possible without your developing the ability to deal with and overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles between you and anything you are trying to accomplish.

Strong leaders are able to accept change, maintain a level head, and adjust course. After all, leadership effectiveness is built on a foundation of problem-solving competency.

Leadership development coaching helps you hone your solutions-oriented mentality and encourages you to continually think in terms of actions that can help you control the damage, minimize the impact, and move forward.


Good leaders are able to look into the future and envision successes others couldn’t see. Great leaders are able to recognize the opportunity, embrace their vision and then implement plans for bringing it to life. Through a powerful blend of strategic planning, goal setting and team motivation, vision-focused leaders achieve more than the nay-sayers ever thought possible.

Through leadership development training, you’ll learn the secrets behind goal setting, tapping into your team members’ natural aptitudes and building internal motivation in order to accomplish your vision.

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