3 Quick Tips to Attract, Retain & Engage Top Talent

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Keeping your best employees motivated to continue excelling at their job takes conscientious effort. While a pay raise is something high performers will want to push for, it’s not the only thing you can do. The key is to amp up your EX (employee experience) game and company culture in a way that will attract and retain top talent. Here are a few tips.

Set the stage for success

Provide a modern work environment with an engaging layout and design to not only attract talent but keep them at their most productive. Flexible workspaces that give employees the option for heads-down work as well as informal meetings, collaborating, and larger meetings will improve productivity. The freedom of choice will keep employees engaged and happy, and it allows them to work in a way that better suits their work style or job function. 

Create a successful training program

When you onboard new hires, you want to make sure you’re investing in the ideal employees. With a well-crafted training program and an introduction to your culture it gives employees the right knowledge and expectations to do their job well from the start. If you create a training program that effectively helps staff ease into their roles, you will reduce your chances of losing employees. Your goal is to nurture and develop every employee to contribute to your organization.  

Reward key players for a job well done

Show appreciation for your top performers with rewards and recognition for their contributions. One way to reward employees may be a special lunch with the boss or tickets to their favourite entertainment. As other employees see these key players get rewarded for their hard work, they just may be motivated to step up their game as well.

Paying attention to these three essentials can go a long way toward attracting talent, developing staff, and keeping employees engaged. Employees will become more dedicated and want to contribute to an organization where they know they are appreciated. And ultimately, you will be able to retain top talent.

What are your main strategies for retaining top talent?

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