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The new year is here – bringing with it a renewed sense of excitement and opportunity. Across the globe, owners and entrepreneurs are looking for business leadership tips that will help to drive more success, including more profits, more work/life balance and a more engaged team.

At FocalPoint Canada, we like to maximize this period of universal motivation by sitting with our clients to map out individualized plans for the year ahead. However, for entrepreneurs who have yet to start working with us, we’ve also compiled some of our favorite business leadership tips to help get the year started off right.

5 Business Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Great leaders understand that their role is bigger than overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Therefore, at the foundation of these business leadership tips is a core truth: you must start working on your business instead of solely working in it. So, take a step back, establish an objective perspective, set your vision towards the future – and then let’s get started on the path into a more productive year.

1. Set (and Achieve) Your Goals

If you don’t know how to measure success, how do you know when you achieve it? Goal setting is an essential tool because it lays the groundwork for identifying whether you and your employees are effectively executing your strategic plan and getting the results you need to take your company to the next level.

2. Resolve to be a Coach

Did you know that there’s a major difference between coaching and managing mindsets? To promote employee engagement and support a culture of innovation, it’s time to focus on unleashing the potential of each team member – encouraging them to analyze situations, explore options and generate strategies.

3. Commit to Managing Your Time

Have you stopped to think about how your frantic schedule impacts your employees? Entrepreneurs and executives who don’t manage their time well create a reactive (instead of proactive) atmosphere in their companies. So, learning effective time management strategies and productivity optimization techniques is more than one of our business leadership tips – it’s an essential step in becoming a role model for your employees and establishing an effective company culture.

4. Dedicate Resources for Skill Development

What are you doing to ensure you and your team have the skills necessary for achieving next-level growth? The most successful companies are those that dedicate time and resources towards skill development, such as: leadership effectiveness, sales performance, crisis management and marketing strategy optimization.

For a look into some of our corporate training seminars, visit the Training Workshops page on our website.

5. (Finally) Establish Systems and Processes

Do you or your employees all do things a bit differently, even with routine and company-wide tasks? When there’s a gap in your systems and processes, it leaves each team member creating their own solutions – and it leaves your company at risk of systemic inconsistencies with delivery and service. As one of the most important business leadership tips for 2019, we’re committed to helping our clients close those gaps and establish the systems and processes necessary for a more successful year ahead. We’d like to help you do the same.

Go Beyond Business Leadership Tips & Explore Customized Coaching Options

At FocalPoint Canada, we guide our clients in overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities with proven processes and methodologies that have been used by thousands of successful businesses over the past two decades. Our FocalPoint business coaches use their expertise to teach our time-tested methods through individual coaching, group sessions, or trainings and workshops.

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