3 Critical Must-Haves for Managers

The very best managers are those who have taken the time to identify key skills required by their craft, and who have worked on themselves to develop those skills at a high level.

Here are the top 3 areas where managers must excel in order to succeed:

#1: Getting people to work together as a team is the most important thing you do. If you want something done right, you must find a way to get other people to do it correctly.

Teamwork is critical, communication is critical, and peak performance is required of each team member. That means everybody on the team has to want to do a great job and be aligned and committed to doing a great job. Sometimes just one team member that is disengaged can de-rail or sabotage an entire team’s efforts!

#2: People, Planning and Organization

Creating the right environment for people to perform is the basic minimum of managerial performance is essential for best performance and employee engagement.

Your ability to plan and to decide exactly what is to be done and to convey this to others is also critical. For instance, goals have to be discussed and agreed upon in advance. And goals must be written and measurable. Business goals must ultimately be broken down into numbers so they can be measured.

Additionally, to organize means bringing together the resources necessary to accomplish the task. In planning and organizing, you must think about the talents and abilities you need.

#3: Staffing, Delegating and Supervising

Staffing is a vital function of management. The ability to delegate effectively is essential. Delegation means assigning the right people in the right way with the right resources to do the right job. Delegation allows you to leverage yourself, and in doing so, delegation becomes they key to growing people.

Supervising means assuring that the work is completed on schedule. Research shows that 75% of the top managers’ time is spent in what is called “management by walking around.” This means actively engaging employees on a regular basis in their own workspace and fostering a sense of positivity while directly addressing any issues or concerns.

Stats like these can’t be ignored:

A 2017 Gallup Statement of the American Workplace survey concluded that:

  • 33% of employees were engaged; enthusiastic, motivated, owners of their work
  • 51% were neutral; unattached to their work, putting in time, but not energy or passion
  • 16% were actively disengaged; resentful, undermining, sabotaging the engaged and neutrals

Leaders and managers must instill empowerment in employees to have a healthy, happy workforce.

When there is open, honest, consistent communication people feel great about themselves as part of a team, synergy is created. When individuals are trusted, listened to, tasked, taught and supported to challenge themselves, performance and productivity are boosted, leading to increased sales, and everyone wins.

Are there areas of your business where you or your managers could improve?


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