Employee Engagement: Silent Killer or Secret Weapon at (your company)?

Employee Engagement: Silent Killer or Secret Weapon at (your company)?

The best of the best in terms of Employee Engagement enjoy a 430% advantage in Earnings Per Share versus their competitors measured over the same period of time (Gallup 2017).

Only 33% of employees are Actively Engaged, 51% are treading water and 16% are Actively Disengaged and on seek & destroy missions to kill the work of the Actively Engaged.

“Organizations have nowhere to hide. They have to adapt to the needs of the modern workforce, or they will find themselves struggling to attract and keep great employees and therefore customers. Regardless of all the changes in the workplace, people remain the core component in an organization’s success or failure. The key to an organization’s growth has been and always will be its workforce.” Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO Gallup

Employee Disengagement is the Silent Killer:

  • Kills Revenue
  • Kills Quality
  • Kills Culture
  • Kills Performance
  • Increases Costs – attrition rates are 12X higher for disengaged employees
  • Increases Turnover – 73% of employees are open to new opportunities
  • Increases Stress - especially within the HR department!

Employee Engagement is the Secret Weapon. The only uniqueness a company has these days are its people. Products, services, technologies, business models; everything else is replicable (sooner than later).

Your team is the only one like it on the planet

Engagement includes:

  • Knowing what’s expected of me at work
  • The opportunity to do what I do best every day
  • Praise and recognition for good work
  • Being cared for as a person at work
  • My development and learning is encouraged at work
  • The company mission or purpose makes me feel my job is important

Interestingly, even in the world’s most successful engagement organizations, the "Engagement Needle" may only break 70%. Most forward-thinking companies find themselves in the Needs Improvement category and should be consciously working towards Secret Weapon status!

Call an executive committee meeting and commit to transforming your workplace from old command-and-control to one of high development and ongoing coaching conversations. Starting now, you can begin to shift from performance management to performance development. Moving from performance management to performance development requires managers to think of themselves in a new way: as a coach, not a boss. Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO Gallup

FocalPoint is a coaching company that partners with success minded organizations that are (or would like to be) committed to a high performance coaching culture within their leadership teams. We work with you to push the Engagement Needle by unlocking human potential, changing behaviours and achieving sustainable breakthrough results through our training offerings and performance coaching.

Please feel free to reach out and explore if FocalPoint could add value by supporting your company’s 2019 performance goals.

Marc Desormeaux, President of FocalPoint International Canada, North America Training


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