How to Increase Your Value as a Manager; getting work done through others

Below is an excerpt from our FocalPoint Strategic and High Performance Leadership authored by Brian Tracy. This blog is the first in a series that will help you assess your progress as a leader and manager or the progress of the managers you lead.

The Winning Edge concept is considered one of the top management concepts discovered in the 20th century. It says "small differences in ability can translate into enormous differences in results."

Sometimes improving in one small key area can transform your future. And sometimes a major weakness in one key skill area can become your biggest critical constraint - holding you back from using all your other skills and future success.

As a manager, you have a series of vital functions that are both Art & Science – 5-7 key result areas – and the way you perform these vital functions as well as continually improve determines both the level and speed your success.

The very best managers are those who have taken the time to identify key skills required by their craft, and who have worked on themselves to develop those skills to a high level.

Key Skill #1; Your job as a manager is to get things done through others, to get results through other people.

When you become a manager, certain things happen and you move from:

- operating to managing the operations of others
- the output of one person to the output of the team; the greater good
- what you can do, to what you can control through many

Imagine a group of people are walking down a mountain path and they come to a place where rocks have fallen down over the road. They ask themselves, “How do we remove the rocks so we can proceed?” Then they begin to organize. One person does this and another does that. Another takes responsibility for a certain job, etc.

As the manager your job is to think, to plan, to prioritize, to organize, to motivate, to delegate, to efficiently get the very best results you can from your team to overcome challenges and hit company targets.

Increasing your value as a manager; how are you managing the rocks in your road?

Teamwork is critical, communication is critical, and peak performance is required of each team member. That means everybody on the team has to want to do a great job, and be aligned and committed to doing a great job. Sometimes just one team member that is disengaged can de-rail or sabotage an entire team’s efforts.

The manager’s role is to be a multiplication sign; take you, multiplied times your people, and the output is far greater than an addition sign where you simply add you, plus the other people. The greater X that you are, the greater the multiplication you can make of results, the more valuable you become.

The key to your multiplication sign and your success in leadership and management today is empowerment and engagement. When there is open, honest, consistent communication people feel great about themselves as part of a team, synergy is created. When people understand and are aligned with a company’s mission, motivation is created. When individuals are trusted, listened to, tasked, taught and supported to challenge themselves, engagement is created.

A recent Gallup 2017 Statement of the American Workplace survey concluded that:

  • 33% of employees were engaged; enthusiastic, motivated, owners of their work
  • 51% were neutral; unattached to their work, putting in time, but not energy or passion
  • 16% were actively disengaged; resentful, undermining, sabotaging the engaged and neutrals

Important questions for your consideration:

1. Is getting work done through your team a strength or a weaknesses currently?

2. Are you a good delegator, or do you find yourself busy solving everyone’s problems?

3. Does your team fully understand why what they do is important in the overall scheme of the business? Do you have “buy-in” and alignment?

4. Would your team, if asked, say you’re a good communicator, a good motivator?

5. Overall, do you find yourself more often “catching what’s good” and praising team members or “catching and criticizing what’s not working” with your team members?

6. What percentage of your team is engaged, neutral, or actively disengaged?

Taking the above into consideration, what one action are you going to take immediately to change an element of your management style that will move you towards being better at getting results through others?

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