Is your Internal Employee Brand – 19th or 21st century?

Managing people, productivity and profits is drastically different than it was even just a few years ago.

In fact, if we were writing this blog a few years ago it may have read – Managing profits, productivity and people etc…a very different order showing a very different mindset.

How would your company put in order; people, productivity, profits? How does your company think and act in terms of which needs to come before the other?

From a people perspective (your most important asset and only uniqueness), changes are happening in large part thanks to; the rise in disruption technology, the way technology allows people to work differently/remotely, and the mindsets of those doing the work today.

Gone is the necessity of full-time employees chained to cubicles, working 9 to 5. Today, technology allows people the flexibility to work from wherever they want - and often times when they want as long as their tasks and projects are done and submitted on time.

This means you’ll find workers working from home, from cafés and locations other than the old corporate building downtown. They can be working all hours wherever they like, as the hours suit their lifestyle. Some may start early and log off in the early afternoon. Others may work later in the day and well into the night. Some will work from home. Others will travel locally or globally. For them, it’s easy to check in and contribute via email, conference call, video-call, live shared work apps and more options.

In fact, Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report reveals that at least 43% of employees worked remotely in 2016, up four percent since 2012 (based on 195,600 employees polled). This means that employees are driving demand and deciding if they’re interested in your company depending on how well you meet their work-style and lifestyle demands…your internal employee brand.

Embracing a contingent worker strategy and being flexible with full-time team members

Proactively adapting to cater to the 21st-century worker and environment speaks to staying competitive by embracing a “hybrid” model of staff as well as a “hybrid” model of work environment; some are full-time, some contingent, some come into work, some don’t. You can mix and match so you get the best of everyone - putting your company at the top of the agility list. Bringing together people who carry out different functions, in different ways allows for more collaboration and the likelihood of higher performance.

When a portion of your Internal Employee Brand includes a 21st-century style environment and thinking, you attract and retain the best, you improve employee engagement, increase overall performance and drastically improve bottom-line results.

As a BONUS…when you engage qualified, knowledgeable contingent workers (think Just-in-Time labor or “gig” labor), you can save a bundle on everything from office space to benefits, to long-term insurance costs to overall labor costs. What’s not to like?


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