Decoding DISC Assessments & Building More Productive Teams


An increasing number of business owners, CEOs, and senior managers are embracing the transformational impact of behavioural assessments for achieving goals related to more successful hiring practices, more cohesive internal teams, improved communication patterns and more. DISC Assessments (by TTI Success Insights®) are one of those powerful tools – designed to help you objectively assess and navigate individual behaviours and preferences in order to build the highest performing teams possible.

What Are DISC Assessments?

The DISC Assessment is an inventory tool that explores observable behavioural traits across four key dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Each individual who takes the assessment gets a window into their behavioural style and how that style impacts the way others relate to them.

Here’s a quick overview of each of these traits.


Driven, ambitious and strong-willed, a “High D” prioritizes getting quick results and checking tasks off the list. Those with a “Low D” tend to be more unobtrusive, cautious and agreeable.


Enthusiastic, warm and persuasive, a “High I” prioritizes social interactions, enthusiasm and personal relationships. Those with a “Low I” tend to be more logical, matter-of-fact and incisive.


Loyal, relaxed, passive and patient, a “High S” prioritizes consistency within their environment, cooperation with others and avoiding unnecessary change. Those with a “Low S” tend to me more impulsive, eager, flexible and restless.


Detail-oriented, conventional and exacting, a “High C” prioritizes accuracy, quality, precision, logic, and evidence-based conclusions. Those with a “Low C” tend to be more abstract, arbitrary, unbending and unsystematic.

How Do DISC Assessments Contribute to Stronger Teams?

We’ve all sat in meetings that should have been productive but were thwarted by conflicting personality types. We’ve all experienced discussions that went awry because of the presentation of the message (and not the message itself).

When looking for ways to improve communication within a team, there’s nothing more valuable than understanding the communication and behavioural preferences of the people in the room, so to speak. DISC Assessments arm each team member with core insights into how they receive, interpret, and deliver information – and how those natural tendencies impact their colleagues. Teams (and, more specifically, team leaders) can use this information communicate more effectively, delegate tasks accordingly and deliver results more consistently.

FocalPoint Canada Can Help You Start Using Behavioural Assessments to Build More Productive Teams

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