How to Hire Productive Employees with the Law of Three

Law Of Three

A well-established team of productive employees is, without a doubt, your organization’s most valuable asset. So, when you’re hiring new employees, it’s essential to choose candidates who will be able to thrive both in their individual position and as a part of the team. However, learning to identify those candidates can be incredibly challenging – especially since it’s human nature to be influenced by unconscious emotional responses.

Swift and positive assessments of a candidate can be deceiving (much more so than intuitive negative ones). That’s because those “instant connections” are commonly driven by non-relevant factors, such as the person’s physical appearance or a shared past experience (like having attended the same university).

When looking to hire the most productive employees possible, the Law of Three helps to slow the process and establish valuable checks-and-balances – so you know you’re making the best and most logical hiring decisions.

Decelerate Your “Yes” with the Law of Three

The Law of Three gives you a broader view of the candidate – beyond his or her “job interview persona.” Here’s how it works.

Three Meetings

Commit to meeting top candidates at least three times before making final judgment. This lowers the risk of making hiring decisions based on emotionally driven factors. In the second and third interview, you’ll have a much better look into the candidate’s true personality.

Three Settings

Conduct those interviews in three different settings. This helps to broaden your interactions with the candidate by lowering the sense of “picking up where you left off.” While a candidate may shine in your office, his or her luster may fade as you walk together for a coffee down the road.

Three Other Opinions

Never decide alone. Invite some of the key personnel that will be working alongside the candidate to meet him or her, too. If they offer a “thumbs down” assessment, trust their input. People often reveal aspects of their personality to potential co-workers that they hide from senior leadership.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural assessments are invaluable tools for objectively and systematically evaluating candidates – measuring behavior, motivators, emotional intelligence (EQ), acumen and a wide range of other skills. These tools power hiring managers’ ability to identify candidates who are most likely to become thriving and productive employees because they quantitatively reveal the whole person (beyond what any resume or interview could uncover).

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