Maintaining Your A-Player Status Within Your Company

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We all know that a motivated employee can be an impactful driver in the workplace.  This motivation isn’t just found in the C-suite. We see motivation whether you have an entry-level position, have logged multiple years at a company, or are the owner/CEO.  If you are an A-player running your business, you can’t focus solely on your motivation; you need to inspire motivation in your employees as well. With lengthy to-do lists each day, some leaders lose sight of what motivates them. Here are some tips to keep you on track.

Start your day focusing on you

Not everyone is an early riser.  But if you can spare an extra few minutes, you can benefit in the long run.  Starting your day in a hurry won’t make you more productive. The rushed mindset can contribute to forgetting key things or feeling scatterbrained at the beginning of each day.

Start your day with what elevates your mindset.  The first thing you do could be exercise, reading, or a peaceful cup of coffee.  Make time for you to start the day and find that you will be a more focused and engaged A-player for others as the day wears on.

Devote time to your team

Your employees understand you are in charge, but the communication doesn’t always have to be a boss to direct.  Have a different level of conversation where you are human to human. Managers usually try to earn the respect of the team as a leader, but we often see that many managers actually struggle there.  Where they see success is just by being human. If your employees like you as a person, they will likely support and work hard for you as their boss. Understanding what’s important to your team members will not only grow your team into A-players but help you to grow personally as well.

Recharge Your Mind

You may have to be a hard-charger in the workplace to meet customer or client demand.  But make sure you pull back equally as hard to give yourself time to recharge. Creating renewed energy and motivation happens when you are in an “off” position.  Make goals to limit how hard you go, so that when you are needed in the event of a crisis, you have the reserve power to thrive.

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