Marc Desormeaux

Marc is a “serial entrepreneur” who’s enjoyed the last 20 years in the business of Business Coaching and Training – supporting leaders and managers to bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. Marc was also an original builder of FocalPoint in 2004, supporting people to become successful coaches in the United States as well as Canada beginning in 2008.

Marc is an absolute believer in “Unlocking Human Potential” and in having a “21st Century leadership” mindset.

Kelly Laverty

After a successful 31 year career with some of North America’s most notable enterprises, Kelly began a business coaching career in 2008 and has enjoyed the privilege of working with business owners, including sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and leaders of multi-million dollar corporations.  Kelly has amassed more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience over the last 10 years.

His passion is about having his clients achieve the goals they may have never dreamed possible.

Stephen Simms

Stephen has 33 years of proven leadership and turnaround experience ranging from the delicate to the bold – having led teams of 4,000+ as a Senior Vice President with a Global Fortune 500 company. In his work with teams all over the world, he’s had the good fortune to continually grow in his leadership skills through access to fantastic mentors and coaches and truly he loves transferring and sharing those learnings with others – and takes immense pride in doing so.

Dulcee Loehn

Dulcee spent 20+ years in executive and operations management within corporate America. She has had full financial management responsibility, asset management and forecasting responsibility.

Dulcee left the corporate environment in 2008 to pursue her passion of coaching; partnering with clients to enhance their effectiveness, profitability and quality of life. She has trained leaders and managers throughout North America in “the Coach Approach” to leadership and in building cultures of high performance and trust amongst the team.