New Year’s Resolutions vs Goal Planning | How to Write Resolutions That Work


Are you stuck in the cycle of writing New Year’s Resolutions that get put on a shelf by the time February arrives? Are you hoping 2019 will be the year when everything starts coming together? Instead of falling into the same old trap of writing ineffective New Year’s Resolutions, start the year off right by implementing The Guaranteed Success Formula – an incredibly powerful goal planning technique.

Using Goal Planning to Write Effective Resolutions

First things first. To write effective resolutions, you must stop thinking of them as “resolutions” and start thinking about the things you want to accomplish as “goals” – which involve both qualitative and quantitative components. Read our post, Goal Setting Made Simple, to learn how to write goals that aren’t actually just wishes.

In four simple steps, The Guaranteed Success Formula will help you shift your mentality from resolution writing to goal planning.

Step 1: Set 10 Goals

Start with a clean desk and a fresh piece of paper – the proverbial “clean slate.” What would you like to be, have, or accomplish in the year ahead? Use a limitless mentality to write down 10 goals as if they were guaranteed to happen. Follow these guidelines:

  • Present – Your subconscious mind registers commands that are written in the present tense. Instead of “I will increase profits by xx%,” write “I increase profits by xx%.”
  • Positive – Word every goal positively. Instead of “I won’t lose any clients” (negative), write “I will retain all of my clients” (positive).
  • Personal – Begin each goal with “I” to connect your subconscious mind with the positive affirmation you’re writing.
  • Time-Specific – End each goal with a clearly-defined deadline.

Step 2: Identify the Priority

Assume all of your goals will come true with your continued dedication, and then ask yourself: if I could achieve one goal on this list right now, which would have the greatest positive impact on my life? Circle that one. This is your primary goal (and your #1 New Year’s Resolution).

Step 3: Make a Plan

Now, we shift from goal setting to goal planning. Write your primary goal at the top of a clean sheet of paper. Below it, make a list of all the difficulties you’ll have to overcome, any additional information or skills you’ll need, and the people whose support or cooperation you’ll require to achieve this goal. By understanding the challenges, you can create a plan – and not fall off track when those barriers arise.

Step 4: Start Mindstorming

As the cornerstone of goal planning, this stage of The Guaranteed Success Formula forces you to concentrate on how you’ll achieve your goal. At the top of a new sheet of paper, reword your primary goal into a question. For example, “how can I earn xxx in profits by December 31, 2019?”

Now, commit to writing 20+ answers to your question. You’ll find that the first few will come easily, but it will become progressively more challenging. You’ll have to dig deep to craft the last five or ten answers, but that’s where you’ll start finding creative solutions for achieving maximum success.

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