Sales Tips: 5 Questions Your Sales Team Needs to Answer

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To build a high-performing sales team, many business leaders search for the latest sales tips and techniques while overlooking their team’s foundational knowledge. The most effective salespeople are proactive in learning as much as they can about their company, its products/services and its customers, but imagine the impact if your entire sales staff was armed with that knowledge.

Sales Question #1 – What Are We Selling?

Talk about the impact your products or services can have. Instead of simply knowing what the product or service ‘does’ – every salesperson needs to have a deep understanding of what solutions the products/services provide, how they benefit the customer and how they relate to each other. It may seem like one of the simpler sales tips, but this is a powerful tool for empowering salespeople to sell, cross-sell and up-sell much more effectively.

Sales Question #2 – Who Is Our Target Customer?

Define your target customer by creating a clear psychographic and demographic profile of those who are most likely to buy your product or service. When your salespeople understand their target customers, they’re able to focus their energy on approaching those who are most likely to benefit from your company’s offerings.

Sales Question #3 – How Much Do We Charge?

Discuss how your products/services are priced and why. Many business leaders and sales managers skip this important discussion because prices are fixed (and so salespeople aren’t negotiating). However, by exploring the reasoning behind how prices have been set and by comparing your prices against the competition, the sales team takes a deeper dive into your brand’s differentiating factors.

Sales Question #4 – What Payment Options Can We Offer?

Give your salespeople the options necessary to overcome price-related closing objections. Whether you offer flexible terms or simply accept various forms of payment, salespeople who are well-trained on the payment and/or financing options are able to tailor the discussions in a problem-solving manner – helping to overcome price-related obstacles and build stronger relationships with customers.

Sales Question #5 – How Do We Deliver Our Products/Services?

Set customer expectations right from the start. Customers are more likely to be satisfied with the whole process when they understand exactly what to expect next, and well-trained salespeople are able to explain the process, answer questions and implement solutions, if necessary. This results in a more loyal base of repeat customers – the ideal sales situation.

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As certified business coaches and trainers, we believe that sales tips are great, but sales training is critical. If you’re ready to start exploring the options for expanding your team’s sales skills, we’re here to help.

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