Peter Neufeldt

Peter Neufeldt is the President of Peak Performance Consulting. He has a Master of Social Work degree, has worked in various public sector management and human resource positions, has owned several businesses in Regina, and has provided corporate and personal consulting, training and coaching services to businesses and organizations since 1989.

Hans Trupp

Hans is the Team Leader for Brian Tracy Global and FocalPoint Training in North America and he continually challenges all team members to reach their potential. If you want to make the most of a business opportunity in professional development and coaching, Hans will help you leverage your talents and achieve the results you seek.

Stephen Simms

I love what I do and take immense pride in doing it. My 33 years of proven leadership and turnaround experience have ranged from the delicate to the bold. My leadership journey began at the age of 13 managing a concession stand and grew to leading teams of 4,000 as a Senior Vice President with a Global Fortune 500 company.

Phil Gilkes

I have been a longtime advocate of helping others that are Passionate, Positive, Performers, such as athletes, business owners and entrepreneurs, to attain or exceed their dreams. As a student of the mind in my early years it proved to be what makes my heart sing.

John Cutler

Everything I do revolves around building leaders, growing businesses, and giving back to the community. I do this by passionately delivering time tested and proven materials that I believe in, and by genuinely caring about the people I interact with. I just happen to be a business coach.

Don Ramage

As a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and Trainer for the past 10 years, I help Canadian business leaders and their companies achieve accelerated Clarity, Growth, and Success to improve their businesses and their personal lives, helping them stay focused on learning and implementing proven business strategies and tactics, guaranteed to help achieve all the rewards that business ownership can offer.

Kelly Laverty

After a successful 31 year career with some of Canada’s most notable enterprises, I began my business coaching career in 2008 and have had the privilege of working with business owners, including sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and leaders of multi-million dollar corporations.

Richard Scott

Richard Scott is driven by his real passion for making a difference. He is a sales & business growth expert, certified business coach, and engaging professional speaker. Through his business coaching practice, he inspires his clients to define and achieve their greatest visions of professional success.

Michael Bailey

Michael is a business performance specialist, with more than 30 years’ experience as a sales, business development, consulting and operations business leader. He has worked with small and large companies across North America, Europe and Asia developing and implementing Sales and Service Programs, Process Improvements, Leadership Development, Corporate Training, Sales Training, and Executive Coaching.

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