Charles McFarland


I help executives, business owners, leaders and teams to achieve better outcomes through better stories. What does this mean? Whether looking at internal relationships (the teams that create performance) or external buy-in (from your customers), the stories you tell are the foundation of your business’ strategies and the drivers of its profitability and productivity. We dive deep to reveal the “9/10 of the iceberg” of your hidden capacities and unique value proposition; then we can get to work on your KPIs, marketing and sales, effectiveness and growth strategies.

I leverage my decades of professional theatre practice (over sixty professional productions) and arts executive management to create measurable business results. Not only was I an award-winning stage director and producer, I have raised millions in capital, directed and opened three new performing arts centre projects, and am a certified FocalPoint executive and business coach – in the Theatre of Commerce - of five years’ success.

Born and raised in the UK (by Canadian parents!), I have a masters degree from the University of Cambridge and a certificate in management from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. Clients range from SMEs in all fields to KPMG, Amec and the Toronto Blue Jays.