Hans Trupp


Hans is an expert in the areas of professional development, corporate training and business coaching. He is an experienced entrepreneur, sales executive and outdoor educator who is dedicated to giving back to the community. Based in Vancouver, Hans is fully committed to building leaders and growing businesses by evaluating what makes them unique. He is passionate about training and coaching using the time-tested and proven materials and is motivated by working with clients and colleagues to implement solutions.

With a coaching philosophy grounded in the key fundamentals of business and leadership, Hans specialises in being a catalyst for coaches, business owners, executives, and their teams. By working with Hans, you will set and reach goals for the highest levels of personal and professional success.

Hans is the Team Leader for Brian Tracy Global and FocalPoint Training in North America and he continually challenges all team members to reach their potential. If you want to make the most of a business opportunity in professional development and coaching, Hans will help you leverage your talents and achieve the results you seek.