The #1 Secret to Hiring Great Employees: Behavioural Assessments

TeamworkFor generations, job-related skills and experience served as the primary measure for assessing a candidate’s fit for a new job or promotion. Today, organizations across the globe are recognizing those measures as one small piece of the puzzle. Behavioural Assessments help you establish better hiring practices by evaluating the traits, temperament, and talents that are best-suited for the position and your organization. After all, you don’t just want to hire someone who can perform the required tasks; you want to hire the candidate who can succeed at the job while thriving in your company culture.

What Are Behavioural Assessments?

Behavioural Assessments are tools for the systematic evaluation of candidates – measuring behavior, motivators, emotional intelligence (EQ), acumen and a wide range of other skills. They are powerful because they quantitatively reveal the whole person, beyond what any resume or interview could uncover.

To put it simply, Behavioural Assessments empower you to hire professionals who believe in your mission, support your goals and enjoy their time at work – not those who are simply showing up for a paycheck.

Why Should We Use Behavioural Assessments?

Every manager wants to hire people who will exceed performance standards, but most would agree that an employee’s ability to succeed isn’t based solely on his or her job-related knowledge. An employee’s performance is impacted by a wide range of circumstances, such as their job satisfaction, fit within the company culture, communication patterns, management preferences and so much more.

Behavioural Assessments provide hiring managers with a detailed look into candidates’ potential for success by assessing those essential but harder to identify aspects of working with the company. They support your ability to not only hire qualified candidates, but ones that are more likely to remain at your organization for long periods of time.

Which Behavioural Assessments Should I Consider?

There are many assessment tools to help you meet the demands of your ever-changing business environment. Choosing the right ones depends on the specific needs of your organization. Our Behavioural Assessment Specialists can custom-tailor assessment programs to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the most trusted analytics tools employed by the Certified Business Coaches of FocalPoint Canada.

  • DISC Behavioural Assessment
  • TTI Success Insights®: 12 Driving Forces® for Workplace Motivators
  • TTI Success Insights®: Talent Insights™
  • TTI Success Insights®: OD (360) Surveys™
  • TTI Success Insights®: Sales Skills Index™
  • FocalPoint: Management-Staff Assessment
  • FocalPoint: Team Behavioural Report
  • FocalPoint: Sales Report

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